Find a Residential Locksmith in Brownsville & Harlingen, TX

Find a Residential Locksmith in Brownsville & Harlingen, TX

Century Security Group can get you back into your home

Are you having trouble getting your key into the lock of the front door? Century Security Group in Brownsville, TX can help you with all of your residential lock and key struggles. Our services include:

  • Lock picking
  • Lock installations and changes
  • Rekeying
  • Lock repair

Contact us now to help you walk through your front door with ease.

Should you replace or rekey your locks?

Unless your lock is malfunctioning or you want a different style, you can probably just go with rekeying it. That involves replacing the interior pins and springs to make your lock work with a different key.

A good reason to totally replace your locks would be to accommodate a disability. For example, you could replace your knobs with lever handles or install an interior thumb turn for your deadbolt.

We can help you determine whether replacing or rekeying your locks is the best option for you. Call us at 956-238-7540 to discuss your options.